Elin Nordegren Buys a Home in Sweden -- Will She Take the Kids and Leave Tiger Woods?

Photo: Faglaro Mansion, the $2 million hideaway in Sweden bought by Tiger Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren.

As we reported yesterday, rumors are circulating that Tiger Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, has moved out of their family home in Florida. While she is reportedly staying nearby, a very recent real estate transaction is fueling speculation that she may instead take the kids with her to her homeland of Sweden to start a new life.

Swedish newspapers report that Elin purchased Faglaro Mansion, a nice island getaway in her home country. She is said to have a little more than $2 million on the purchase. HPG, a Swedish news agency, says that the official story from her family is that she bought the place with her twin sister, not her husband.

Since her husband's cheating scandal broke, Nordegren, 29, has not been heard from.

Nordegren's new Swedish home is located on prime Scandinavian real estate on a small, secluded island that is reachable from Stockholm only by ferryboat. It once belonged to a professional soccer player who wanted privacy. It's said that she looked at it last summer and purchased it two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago would be just about the time that Tiger Woods, 33, drove his Cadillac Escalade into a fire hydrant and tree outside his home in Windermere, Florida. The couple reportedly had a fight after she caught him texting Rachel Uchitel, and at the same time the National Enquirer reported that he had an affair with the NYC party girl.

Uchitel, 34, as it turns out, was just the first of a string of reported mistresses. To date, there are seven women who claim to have had affairs with the golfer.

Woods' accident, while it made waves internationally, left him with facial cuts and a mere $164 ticket. He wasn't tested for drugs or alcohol, despite a witness stating that he had consumed alcohol earlier. The witness also said he has prescriptions for Ambien and Vicodin.

A few days later, Woods publicly apologised for "transgressions". It was then that the rumors began swirling that he was offering his wife millions of dollars to stop her from leaving him and taking the kids with her.

In addition to Uchitel, Tiger has been linked to:

  • Cori Rist, 31. A divorced mother and ex-dancer at the Penthouse Executive Club in NYC.
  • Mindy Lawton, 33. An Orlando waitress who lived about five miles away from Tiger.
  • Holly Sampson, 36. A Los Angeles based porn star.
  • Jamiee Grubbs, 24. A cocktail waitress and former contest on VH1's "Tool Academy."
  • Kalika Moquin, 27. A Las Vegas nightclub executive.
  • Jamie Jungers, 26. A Las Vegas cocktail waitress.



I hope Elin takes the kids and moves into that home in Sweeden. Get as far away from him as she can and minimize the damage to the kids. She can start a new life and begin to heal from this horrendous ordeal. This story will be in the tabloids for years to come and she and the kids don't need to be exposed to the sleezy details.

She should definitely move there with the children!With all the circus that's going on she can't even leave her house or any other house for that matter without being photographed.She can't even take the kids to a store without seeing some magazine with all those headlines and her two year old better not watch TV here because daddy may pop up-with some nasty stories.
However the children were born here and she would need Tiger's OK to do so-yes he has cheated.......... but he is the father.This whole thing is sad-family being destroyed for what? For bimbos!

To put it succinctly, this reader agrees with your position. Whether or not the allegations of Edw(ard) "Tiger" Woods' sickeningly ACTIVE infidelity are verifiable, let alone true, the psychological fallout from the repeated public dissemination of those rumors - often with no presentation of any alleged or actual evidence to the contrary - will ultimately be too irritating for "unintended" or "collateral" recipients( e,g, E___ Nord_____ and her child[ren]) to bear without suffering any ill effects *or possibly making any severe misjudgments or other "serious" mistakes of their own*. The "unintended" recipients' relocation, although it seems too extreme( possible locations in Alaska,especially for anyone sensitive to 1/2-mile-[above-sea-level]high-or-higher altitudes, possibly overlooked--would eliminate needs for any INTERCONTINENTAL emigration) with respect to destination chosen, is otherwise the precisely-correct idea.

Well this serves him right. He is getting what he deserves. When you sleep with dogs you get fleas. He should have stuck to his own kind if you know what I mean...........*HINT Do not play if you do not know HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow.... What a comment?

"He should have stuck with his own kind"? Is that because "his own kind" or our kind allow for our men to screw around and still come back? Would you take the BS this man has dished out since he was married? If so, what does that say about your self worth? Come on! Why did he get married? If he wasn't done playing around, stay single. THEN...the outrageous behavior he is conducting would have been celebrated in our twisted culture where moral values aren't important any longer.

NO ONE should play the game that Tiger has asked Elin to play. Shame on the women who let themselves be used or to try to gain a career climbing boost by sleeping their way through celebrities. Some of these women took MINS not days to consider selling their stories. Some did not and probably will not. Just caught up in being awe struck by a sick man who values nothing but his own celebrity.

How sad that now even his athletic ability will be suspect as he attempts to remain the golden boy of golf? He is probably under so much stress from this trainwreck that he believed he was orchestrating that I wish a wicked hook on him.

This has nothing to do with sticking to his own kind. That is ridiculous, this is just another instance of a man who should have not gotten married and had kids. No woman whether white, black, asian or latino wants their man to cheat on them so I take offense to that comment. What I think is sick is while this woman was pregnant and carrying around his two children he was sick enough to stray with numerous women. How much respect do you have for your wife that you would not only cheat on her but expose her and possibly your unborn children with an STD. That makes more angrier then the cheating. Just leave god damn it. Hubby and I lay our cards on the table. We want each other to be happy. That means we communicate everything and if he wants something I try within reason to fulfill it and the same goes for him. He knows I want more affection and I know he wants more sex. Its called communication and compromise. I want him to be happy with our sex life and he wants the same. We respect our friendship, our marriage and we BOTH work hard to keep it fresh. If you can do that for your partner then don't get married. Everybody can blame him and everybody can blame the wife for not satisfying his needs but he never made his needs known to his wife then disrespected her but having sex with multiple women possibly giving her an STD then he should have bowed out. I remember telling my hubby if you want to cheat on me please give me an ounce of respect not only for being your parnter but being the mother of your children to leave before possibly hurting me emotionally or physically with an STD. This whole thing is just so sad for Elin and her kids. I hope she finds peace and gets the happiness she deserves.

Bless you. Your comments say it all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay with is own kind really, when were you born in the 20's tell me something why is it when men cheat he's a dog and it's exploited big time, but when women do it is because she is not being treated right at home or he must have driven her to it. That is such bull.

What is meant by your own kind? This could mean a lot of things. You'll are hating on something you really don't know anything about. All speculations of some reporter, the bible says that you should not carry gossip

Dude, you are a f&*#ing loser!!! And by the sounds of it you do the same as he.

Good for her! I hope she bleed dry all of his assets. I love how these cheating men have thrown a new phrase into the arena "I'm a sex addict please help me" - but only when when they get caught with their proverbial pants down. Men and their dangling participles are responsible for a helluvalot of problems in this world. Hey, what happened to "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" And to you 6 bimbos who cant keep your panties up - put some clothes on, take off some makeup, roll up your sleeves and get a job - a real job that doesnt require lying on your back unless you get a job in a mattress factory!

Hey..... It takes two to tango. It looks to me that for every tiger, there are six bimbos ready to sleep with him.

I hate the term sex addict........if you do anything in todays world that is clearly wrong and are found out then suddendly you are some sort of addict. Damn they even have hoarding as a sickness these days. Hell when I was growing up we just called it Horney not sex addict and when you won't throw stuff away it was called lazy and nasty. When do we stand up and own our mistakes rather than blame them on some lame "sickness". If I was Tigers wife he would not ever look the same after I finished hitting him with that club. How dare him put those kids through such public embarrassment that will last their entire life. It is knowing the difference between right and wrong. He has not tarnished a very respectable sport with his lack of morals. We accept this stuff from football players for some reason and now I guess we are going to have to do the same for Golf. Bet the other players have soemthing to say aobut all this. He is a pig it is that simple. A pig that tried to make everyone think he was perfect.....well jokes on his wife and what a shame.

These high-powered celebrity dudes--why do they always pick the same kind of woman? The cocktail waitresses, the go-go dancers, the nightclub hostesses...I suppose that's because there's plenty of them, and they're easy pickings because they hope to elevate themselves in some way, but still...BO-RING!

And I think it's interesting how the media always refer to Elin as a "Swedish model"--as if he had plucked her out of the same pool of available blondes as the others. She comes from a family of diplomats, and has a certain amount of status in their own right.

Probably because these women have no self-respect in themselves and want a quick buck. Any woman with self-esteem, self-respect and some kind of intelligence would not need to bleep a famous man for 15 minutes of fame. That is what these women want. In the age of Perez Hilton and TMZ and Paris Hilton that's is what these women want. Notority whether its good or bad. Look at Jon Gosslein. Perfect example of the man version. Also someone with self-respect and self-esteem would not go after or sleep with a married man. I respect my fellow women and honestly my respect for Elin would outweight my need for sex with a married man. Not that I am at all attracted to Tiger Woods, he is not my type. Its funny I don't make a lot of money and I have dated doctors, lawyers and a very rich real estate developer in Philly. These men talk about their money and try to impress me with their wealth. I can pay my bills and take care of myself, my life maybe small and simple but I am happy. I remember when the lawyer I dated cheated on me and he was shocked when I dumped his ass. His other girlfriends were society girls and just expected it. I told him I didn't love him for his money I loved him as the person. I lived simply before I met him and was happy I will live simply after him and be happy. If Elin leaves him for herself she doesn't need millions to stay with him to be happy. Money does nothing for you. Self-respect does more for you in the end.

i wonder what his dad would think of him now//just asking or was he in the know

Athletes with money will always have a lot more women than us . We dream we could have had that nice looking woman we see in news magazine, video clips, the sexy waitress or pornstar and other at least for a night...since we cannot afford it because of our so called "Happy Life"....
Too bad for his wife, but u do not leave ina mansion with a billionaire and expect to be alone..Look the women around those old billionaire in Miami, South Beach , Cannes or Marbella.....
Tiger should have just tried to be more discreet......Cheating has been there for centuries and our societies is based on Money, Power and Sex....instead of Family, Spirituality and Peace....
why prenup agreement is always the first adjustment after any mariage trouble ??
Why not the family well-being and togetherness and love.....??

So please stop the nonsense....everything has a price and nowadays Money always bring more Sex...we (men) just need to be careful and be lucky to get a woman mature enough to know what she is getting into and what she values the most......

Just make sure your kids stay in US Tiger and keep it together and next time be more discreet.....

Has he forgot about AIDS not only exposing his wife but to take a chance on killing
his BABY'S. Ask Magic Johnson if it was worth it.

That doesn't look like a 2 mill house to me. Real Estate must be priced out of this world there. Is that her other bldgs. o0r the neighbors?

That doesn't look like a 2 mill house to me. Real Estate must be priced out of this world there. Is that her other bldgs. o0r the neighbors?

yes she should leave tiger woods.what he did was wrong.elin is a gorgous women and she deserves better.

Why doesn't she just marry a Faglaro then she wouldn't have to worry about him banging other broads?! Baddabing!

For those who say it take two to tango that is true, but he is the one who is married. He should have never have gotten married, he was not ready to make such a step. He is a very selfish man. This is a Sad story, 2 young lives will be ruined in all that their father has done. These women should have known better, and I hope that carma will pay them all a visit. Tigar deserves to be left, their relationship will never be the same. If she stays with him she will always be watching him out of the corners of her eyes. She is a beautiful, intelligent woman I'm sure she will make the right choices.

Let's hope Tiger doesn't go with her. It's a country chock full of attractive, fit blonde women. A recipe for disaster.

this happens all the time in life. the only reason everybody is makeing a big stink about it, is he is famously rich. he still has enough money that would last your average joe 10 lifetimes and she got what she really wanted ($$$$$$$$). everybody should backoff and let their relationship die a fast painless death.

jeff hit the nail right on the head.

Everybody needs to leave the family alone and let them see if they can save this marriage. All the gossip will just make things harder for everyone. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. All these women that are coming forward, it seems to me it's like look at me, look at me. When the truth be known that probably only one or two have have been with Tiger which is bad enough. I think they have all suffered enough----leave them the hell alone.
And by the way Magic Johnson got aids from a blood transfusion and it was never transfer to his wife or baby.

why dont she keep her lil nig babies out of a white country

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I don't really understand why she wants to move out of the country. Although her marriage with Tiger Woods is over, at least for the kids sake, she could remain in the US. There are a lot of great, spacious apartments in Seattle where she and her kids could live and it would make it easier for their father to visit them.