$1,000 for parking at the Super Bowl!?

Now that the Super Bowl teams are set, Packers and Steelers fans are able to start buying tickets and grabbing up hotel rooms, if they haven't already done so. Even though the Super Bowl has become mostly a corporate event rather than a pure football game for the fans, some fans still pay the exorbitant prices just to be a part of the spectacular experience.

The Super Bowl has long been associated with ridiculous prices from the actual tickets to the game, the hotel rooms, the commercial spots, the memorabilia, etc. I'm sure parking has not been cheap in previous Super Bowls, but I can honestly say that I've never heard of this type of price for game day parking.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that some parking lots close to Cowboys Stadium are asking nearly $1,000 for prime spots. They also indicated that those hotels I mentioned are going for roughly 4 times their normal value for the days leading up to the Super Bowl.

One parking lot, ParkWhiz has reportedly priced it's reserve spots at $990 for spots that are officially listed at $140. But why are the prices so ridiculous? Other than the fact that it's the Super Bowl and some people will spare no expense on this day, especially some of those corporate attendees, the official stadium parking is more than a mile away.

I don't consider myself a lazy person and I don't mind walking at all, but a mile away for official stadium parking is a bit ridiculous. Not nearly as ridiculous though, as the near $1,000 price tag on spots closer to the stadium.

So, let's just price out what it would cost the average fan to go to the Super Bowl.

Airfare (Obviously, depends on where you're flying from, but lets just say Ohio): $750 per person at the very least.

Hotel: According to this report, $75/night hotel rooms are going for $500.

Tickets: The cheapest tickets available per this report are $2,600 apiece ranging all the way up $16,000.

So not even counting meals, drinks, taxis, merchandise, etc. an average fan, getting the absolute bottom tier tickets, hotel, airfare and walking the mile to stadium is paying nearly $4,000 per person to attend the game.

And the NFL says this game is all about the fans? Please... I believe that about as much as I believe Goodell's preachings on player safety.


Jon from ParkWhiz.com here - just wanted to clear up some details about the Super Bowl parking being offered on our site.

All of the parking prices you see on ParkWhiz.com are set by the small businesses and parking operators that own the parking. ParkWhiz just provides a safe, secure marketplace for fans to get a guaranteed parking spot ahead of time. Think of it like StubHub for parking. ParkWhiz is not deceptively reselling parking you could get elsewhere, and all of the parking locations on ParkWhiz.com are licensed by the City of Arlington.

I probably wouldn't pay $900 for a parking spot myself, but that's American capitalism at work - parking owners are free to charge what they think their spot is worth. There are plenty of cheap parking spaces for the Super Bowl on ParkWhiz, starting from $50/spot.

Very interesting. Thank you for the response and clarification!